Web Design & Development

Engaging & beautiful websites that generate leads and interest from your audiences. CrankTech specialise in projecting your business goals and USP onto your online platform The process in which we do this is by gaining an understanding of your business, which in turn allows us to tailor every aspect of the website to match you perfectly. In the preliminary stage, we take your online presence into consideration and aid you in maximising the benefits of certain features that can be added to the website thus creating a bespoke platform for your online needs. Having a responsive website is a necessity for current times. Every website created by Crank Tech is designed to work on every type of device. Your business will be missing out massively if you do not have a responsive website in this day and age of the web, meaning your customers might go somewhere else. Most websites designed by CrankTech use WordPress in our development for content management systems allowing our clients to have complete control over content on their website and gives open access for updating the content, without any knowledge of code. If you feel like you need a complete overhaul or just some minor tweaking, contact one of the team today.

Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing your online visibility to potential customers is key to gaining new work and reaching new audiences. Everybody can be found on Google, not everyone can be found on the first page of Google. Websites need to be optimised constantly to ensure that you are visible on search engines. Without this, your efforts to be found online will fall short of their maximum potential. To be successful in SEO, there are many factors that come into play. For example, optimising the whole site and then mixing that with engaging onsite & offsite content, which in turn makes sure that the links, relationships and social media audiences are genuine & relevant. Search engines are immensely sophisticated, they take in details of who exactly is linking to your page, and what they are talking about. Allowing your traffic to build and conversations to grow takes a lot of patience but the rewards are massive. Once your social media pages and website content have gained you recognition, your site needs to be user-friendly so that your new customers enjoy their stay and ultimately convert. It’s like one of those really cool balancing acts that you see at the circus, but it’s done at a desk with the use of the web. It involves a lot of strategic planning, with careful and sometimes slow implementation.

Website & Email Hosting

Servers with a 99.9% uptime means that you’ll never miss an opportunity to inform your customers. What makes us different from all the thousands of other hosting companies is our personal touch, we’re only a phone call away. Our servers have a 99.9% uptime, assuring you that you will never miss out on potential leads from your audiences. With a multitude of bespoke web & email hosting packages available, we have one that will suit you and your business, regardless of budget. All of our hosted websites are version controlled and automatically backed up to ensure you are always protected.


We carefully plan and create brands and logos to enable audiences to instantly recognise you, no matter your budget. Every brand needs to make real impact on it’s audiences and potential marketplace. This is why we work very closely with every individual customer to produce something that works well and looks even better. An effective logo needs to be two things, simple & specific. Trying to get as much across about your brand or business as possible but at the same time not making it too busy that people will pass it by or turn the page. It’s a fine balancing act that if correct, works wonders. We like to put real stress on our brand colours and design to allow the logo to fit within the rest of your business’ branding guidelines. It’s our job to understand market and design trends that will allow your logo and branding to stand out from the rest. We will take time to understand your business and potential market, do our homework and come back to you with concepts that will get you recognised and remembered.

Content Creation

Whether is be copy, video production or web animation, only the best brings in the customers. Content needs to be interesting, engaging and attractive to the online audience. We can help with the production of video, animation, or copy, meaning you can concentrate on actually selling. The more engaging your content is, the easier it is to get your message across to thousands of new potential customers each month. Animations are making a comeback to the web, creating dynamic areas that catch the viewers attention and brings their eye to important pieces of information that you don’t want them to miss when viewing your site. For a more advanced animation, we can link services and create adverts for you using certain techniques, more can be found on our Advertisement page.


The most important factor to think about when you are considering copywriting services for your website, social media platforms or advertisement campaigns is that these marketing outlays are only as good as the copy that they contain. To ensure success in todays digital age, you have to portray your words over effectively. CrankTech has copywriters who are educated to create information and accurate copy that will work when applied to the appropriate channels. They truly understand that every success story in the digital world has had strong copy involved throughout. Instead of having to write out paragraphs of text to keep the search engines happy, our copywriters are able to insert keywords in a strong and readable piece of copy which favors search engines algorithms which are looking out for audience engagement and social media or other website referrals. We provide strong copy to our projects which allow them to shine above the rest. We also understand context to the copy and will suit the most appropriate person to project.

Social Media Management

Where else do you get everybody who matters in one place at the same time? Social media is a great method to get your products or ideas seen. Social media has come on leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. It’s been on a continuous rise with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ and hasn’t looked back for anybody, with new features and possibilities becoming available to be taken advantage of every month. Social media has a huge advantage over any other type of marketing method, it gives you the opportunity to properly engage with your clients, customers and audiences instantly and for little to no cost. Platforms are updated in three different formats, video, audio or text, these are all important and need to be put under question which is the best for the piece of information you are trying to get out to the masses. We have valuable experience within the social media areas and great understanding of what kind of potential each platform can give different kinds of businesses. We like to stress that social media success doesn’t come overnight but instead is a long term strategy that requires attention and lots of patience. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building an organic and genuinely interested audiences on your social media channels.

Marketing Strategy

The strategies are tailored to your business goals and overall aims of what you are trying to achieve. We like to get to know what your you are aiming for so that we can define goals and develop digital activates to achieve them. We are experienced in creating successful and cost effective B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) marketing plans to suit our clients budget, allowing them to maximise their potential. As like all our others areas, we allow ourselves to truly understand you and your business so that we can break down your marketing strategy into easy to digest chunks. This includes identifying your true USP, defining the target market, exploring how you wish for your product or service to be positioned, defining all the small & large benefits of your product or service, and finally, detailing the potential digital marketing routes you can go down. We like to ensure that our clients have a pre-defined marketing budget in mind so that we and them can keep a close on the ROI (Return of investment) at all times. We like to stress that there is no made to fit all market strategy as all business types are different. We like to be unique on our approach to marketing your business as this allows as much accuracy as possible and maximises the potential on your investment.

Advertisement Campaigns

Online or offline media campaigns focused on a select business venture or product. Raising awareness according to your budget. You can advertise your business in many and assorted different ways. Are all of these successful methods? Maybe. Are they all relative to your business? Maybe not. We like to understand your business and allow our team to analyse the best possible methods of advertising your business. Bespoke campaigns can be created to allow you to get your service or product out there and gather meaningful data of who is viewing and what they’re doing about it. Social media ad campaigns to Google Adwords, they are all viable and dynamic methods of advertising your business? But how do we know it’s working? We have embedded analytics within all of our online campaigns that allow you to see a detailed breakdown of who is viewing your advert, age, gender, location, click through rate, how many impressions the advert has, the cost per click and more.


Simple questions or a more in depth conversation about what we can do for you and your business. Call us today to get your digital footprint started. We like planning, which is good, because a successful marketing campaign involves a lot of it. We rack our brains together to develop cost effective and successful campaigns that allow your business to flourish in your industry. We take the time to understand your business and your individual aims and reflect upon this in your campaign meaning your core morals do not change. CrankTech Digital Marketing gives its clients the opportunity to allow us to become a fully integrated marketing partner with your business meaning cost effective results while utilising the most useful and up to date methods of digital marketing to achieve this. There are many areas that you can look at and ask questions; How well does your content get your ideas across? Content is king. Do you contact your clients through email? Everybody loves email. Are you analysing your site or social media traffic to see where it can be improved? Is your social media space being used to its highest potential? Do you have a clear audience that you are trying to target? Is your website responsive? A high percentage of web traffic now comes through mobile. How creative are you current marketing efforts? It should be fun, not a chore. There are plenty of areas to be thinking of, but let us do that. Current times within the digital world have led to an exciting time for getting your business more connected to customers and their specific needs, with living in a world that always wants to be connected, give them a reason to stay connected.