Do You Need an E-Commerce Shop?

This can be seen as a pretty easy question to answer. Do you have products you want to sell online? Yes? Well there you have it. You need an E-Commerce shop.

Now, if you answered no, we want you to reconsider. Having an e-commerce shop as opposed to a brick and mortar shop opens up a world of advantages that you can make the most of.

  1. 24/7 ‘Passive Income’

We understand that there is no such thing as passive income, you physically cannot make money without doing anything, even multi-millionaires who may make silly amounts of money a day still have input in how this money is made.

Although having your online store being accessed 24/7 allows you to know that while you’re sleeping, there is potential for you to generate revenue.

  1. It’s easier to scale your business

Having a place to sell your items online as opposed to a brick and mortar shop allows you to scale up the amount of items you can sell with ease. This also means you haven’t got to worry about ensuring you have a presentable shop for people to view. It reduces overheads, and increases profit.

  1. Customers get a less invasive performance

Customers can browse as they please, without the possible looming presence of shop staff asking them if they can be helped, or if they are after something specific. It also means that they can come and go as much as they wish without looking weird, they can visit the item they like until they persuade themselves to purchase the product.

  1. Gain and access clients information easier and quicker

Having your customers buy through your website allows you to have a centralized area for their information, meaning that you can use this to persuade them to return, either through email or even direct mail, as long as you’ve received approval to use their information to contact them.

  1. Product insights

Having an insight into what customers want and into their buying habits allows you to offer more products that they will buy and want. It also allows you to know how many times people have visited the page before buying, which can show you what you need to change in the content to convert sooner.

  1. It gives your social media posts and newsletters meaning

What better way than to give your social media posts and newsletters meaning by trying to persuade your audiences to click through to products, allowing you to boost conversions and sales. This gives a sense of purpose to when you are reaching out to your audiences rather than just updating them with information every time.

This list only touches on reasons why having an e-commerce shop is the way forward for selling your products but it’s a pretty convincing list. Do you currently have a product that you wish to increase sales on? Or an array of products that you wish to build exposure for? We build our e-commerce platforms with experience and knowledge of how to sell products online. Give one of the team a call to start your ecommerce project.