Social Media Chat Bots

A new way to complain?

I wrote about this topic in an assignment back in May for my Masters degree in Marketing Management. Needless to say I was somewhat under acknowledged for my vision as to where the world of marketing for businesses was heading socially. But hey, I was a student, what did I know?

The upcoming update for the globally used ‘Messenger’ application brings with it a new way of communicating with your favourite brands and businesses. The favoured Facebook application is typically used as a method of communication amongst friends and family, but it is now looking to invite outsiders into the conversation with its new ‘Discover’ tool.

A user will now be able to search for their brands designated Chatbot and start up a conversation in order to solve any problems or queries the consumer might have. All with just a quick tap of the new discover button located at the bottom of the home screen. This is fantastic for brands who are looking to minimise the bad PR they receive through aggressive consumer complaints on their social media feeds. EA Sports FIFA, you guys must be ecstatic!

Facebook say that 53%* of people say they are more likely to do business with a business they can message. A virtual personal assistant right in your pocket and at a touch of a button. Knowing that you can reach a specialist just as easily as reaching a friend will do wonders for customer relations and contribute towards creating a positive brand perception.

How successful or efficient will this new feature be? Only time will tell. There are many scepticisms around the use of chatbots and how successful are they in terms of customer relations. Majority of the time the consumer just wants to speak to a real person ASAP. With that being said, brands can really set themselves apart from competitors by creating a flawless 1-1 engagement with this feature and design the ultimate personalised experience for the consumer.

(*King, 2016, Messenger Platform, 2017)